TAKE Forward

Focus on the benefits. We handle the rest.

TAKE Forward helps accelerate the time-to-value with OneSCM. The program supplements your existing staff with additional resources and expertise for a smooth rollout and a successful ongoing program. We provide experienced support staff to functional (sales operations, planning, procurement, warehouse/inventory, manufacturing and fulfillment/logistics), finance and technical areas within your organization to minimize work disruption and accelerate time-to-value.

Experienced project management | A TAKE Forward Rollout Manager oversees the implementation and rollout process including scheduling, communication and resources.

Focused resources for faster implementation | Functional and technical resources work quickly and seamlessly to implement OneSCM — allowing internal resources to focus more quickly on the benefits of the solution.

Long-term focus and support | After implementation, the TAKE Rollout Manager stays with you through the first six months. The Rollout Manager can also remain dedicated for a longer period of time if needed. Joint reviews of results and recommendations are typically conducted every three to six months.

Continual training, on-boarding & support | Supplier-liaison services provide on-boarding, training and ongoing support of internal staff and all trading partners for as long as you use OneSCM.