Mobile Data Management

Gemini SeriesGemini Series is the only web- and app-based software platform that can collect data about all supply chain transactions, synchronize the data with all business systems, and distribute the data to all stakeholders – in real time. In other words, it’s the best way to manage your manufacturing and warehouse operations in one place, from any location.

Mobile Data Capture
Gemini enables shop floor workers and supervisors alike to immediately capture, share and analyze operational data across a number of different mobile and desktop devices – no matter where they’re working or what they’re working on. Plus, Gemini stays in sync with your ERP and WMS at all times to provide full data transparency and real-time accessibility across all operational functions.

Automatic ERP & WMS Validation
Gemini’s built-in APIs instantly validate the data scanned during shipping, receiving, and production against the ERP and WMS. Users are automatically notified of duplications and discrepancies between systems. By forcing corrections to occur before systems are simultaneously updated, Gemini ensures complete data accuracy.

Inventory Management
Gemini enables workers to locate inventory, conduct counts by location, and immediately document picking and putaway actions. As a result, managers can track all inventory movement from start to finish – throughout the receiving, transfers and shipping phases and you can exceed 99% inventory accuracy rates at all times.

Lot Traceability
Gemini provides the ability to track and trace inventory at the lot or the pallet level. This improves overall process accuracy and, therefore, lowers fulfillment costs.

Guided Picking & Putaway
Workers can log in to Gemini via their smartphone or any web-enabled device for real-time guidance to the correct inventory location during picking and putaway. This increases labor productivity and improves warehouse space utilization.

Discrete & Process Manufacturing
Gemini for Manufacturing automates transactions on the shop floor to provide improved visibility and management of critical manufacturing materials functions, including WIP, finished goods inventory, scrap / rework, back flushing and returns.