Supply Chain Management

OneSCM is more than just a Collaborative Supply Chain Management Solution. It is the one cloud-based software platform proven to drive down operational costs and rev up revenue-generating opportunities throughout the entire supply chain (procure-to-pay, order-to-cash) – and it doesn’t require a lot of capital expenditure or any business process reconfiguration.

OneSCM Orchestration and Workflow Engine

The OneSCM Supply Chain Orchestration platform allows your organization to maintain a direct connection to both high-volume (B2B) and low-volume (online portal) suppliers – without having to maintain a new connection for each one. Each workflow can be configured to match your current business processes, and you can define which workflows to automate, and when. You can even set up an individual message flow between you and your suppliers. This will not only minimize disruption of refined supplier processes, it will also maximize the advantages of a manage-by-exception work queue.

Demand Planning

The OneSCM Demand Planning solution makes it easy to forecast the impact of fluctuating market conditions and customer demand on your business, for up to 60 months in advance. It systematically analyzes up to five years of historical data, so that you can consistently identify future cost savings opportunities and achieve accurate demand predictions.

Supplier Forecast Collaboration

The OneSCM Supplier Forecast Collaboration module enables planners to share business forecasts with their suppliers and collaborate on fulfillment strategies that build confidence in their collective ability to meet demand. Both buyers and suppliers will have the foresight to identify potential fulfillment issues and make preemptive adjustments to their commitments for each forecast period.


OneSCM eSourcing enables you to solicit quotes from multiple suppliers, perform price and term comparisons, and negotiate with suppliers in one easy-to-use solution. This level of visibility will spur greater competition and ROI for every purchase.

Procurement Collaboration

OneSCM Procurement Collaboration powers awarded Sales Quote conversions and supplier purchase order confirmations faster than your existing systems will.

Sales Order Management

OneSCM enables you to see – and quickly respond to – customer deadlines, instructions, shipments and changes. In turn, sales can commit to orders and manage customer expectations with high confidence, while operations can more accurately plan lead times.

AP Automation + IDC

OneSCM AP Automation + Intelligent Data Capture do more than accelerate payments processing. They alleviate the risk of costly data entry errors, reduce administrative overhead, and enable you to take advantage of early payment discounts.

Shipping & Logistics

OneSCM Shipment Collaboration platform integrates with your existing system to simplify inbound materials management via automatic purchasing and receivables matching to mitigate shipment mistakes or mishandling.

Inventory Visibility

OneSCM provides comprehensive cross-departmental visibility into supply chain transaction information so that you can track and trace inventory, invoices and all information critical to creation of a supply chain “profit center”. Supplier inventory visibility also enables you to plan and execute lean manufacturing operations.

Engineering Quality

OneSCM Engineering Quality automates the Supplier Deviation Request process in one easy-to-use solution. Suppliers are able to submit requests for a product deviation and review the status as it is being reviewed by the purchasing organization.

Predictive Analytics

OneSCM’s enterprise-ready Predictive Analytics capabilities enable you to utilize advanced analytics techniques to track past performance, plan for the future, and identify new cost-saving opportunities today, even if you do not employ a large team of data scientists. Planners, finance, logistics and other team members will have the simple tools needed to effectively aggregate, analyze, and capitalize on the volumes of rich data being generated by your many business systems, trading partners, and logistics providers – without needing IT intervention.