• S&DC Exec Webinar: Procurement and Your Suppliers

    During Supply and Demand Chain Executive's second installment of their webinar series "Procurement and Your Suppliers", a panel expands on that vital notion of treating your important suppliers like partners and covering additional strategies to help you make your supplier relationships a win-win for both sides.  TAKE Supply Chain Vice President of Marketing and Product Management Donna Fritz is a featured expert on the panel.

  • Using Forecast Collaboration to Align Supply and Demand

    As the pace of overall business accelerates, remaining nimble and responsive to demand fluctuations while keeping inventory costs under control requires new thinking and new tools. Simon Ellis, Practice Director for IDC Manufacturing Insights and Dudley Lance, Sales Director for TAKE Solutions.

  • Leveraging Procurement Collaboration

    According to a recent studies, globalization, global trade, and off shore sourcing are on the upswing. All driving supply chain complexity and transformation. Solution Consulting Director, David Riffel, shares:

    • Key considerations for expanding your global supply base.
    • Savings & efficiencies left 'on the table' with most procurement collaboration solutions.
    • Recent improvements in collaboration that can help you expand globally.
    • How to identify the biggest opportunities within your organization.

Case Studies

  • Case Study | Welch’s

    TAKE Supply Chain’s Gemini enables Welch’s to improve warehouse and inventory management through efficiencies across their high-velocity, nationwide supply chain. They can trace lots and batches within 24 hours, providing visibility greater than 99 percent of the time with inventory accuracy rates exceeding 99 percent. In addition, the system has enabled Welch’s to gain control over product compliance – a significant feat considering ever-increasing food safety regulatory requirements.

  • Case Study | Molson Coors

    Since rolling out OneSCM to their mid-tier suppliers, Molson Coors has seen significant improvement in the efficiency of its AP operations. The cost to handle PO/invoice transactions has dropped by approximately $2.50 per transaction, with an additional potential annual cost savings of $300,000.

  • Case Study | Midmark

    Midmark, a leading provider of medical, dental and veterinary equipment, was experiencing a significant issue with its deliveries to customers - many arrived with either incorrect items or incorrect quantities - affecting both customer satisfaction and costs. They chose TAKE Supply Chain's Gemini and Compliance Label Manager solutions to improve quality and accuracy. Out of box failures were reduced 75% and the total savings to date exceeds $90k.

  • Case Study | Applied Materials

    TAKE developed a tailored supply chain collaboration solution for Applied Materials that delivered accurate, real-time information and enhanced controls from the initial order to just-in-time parts delivery for consumption on the manufacturing shop floor.

Data Sheets


  • OneSCM PO Acknowledgment product tour video

    See a brief demonstration of PO Acknowledgment in OneSCM® supply chain collaboration solution from TAKE Supply Chain.

  • Video Blog: Moving from Manual to Automated P2P Processes

    Many mid-market companies are interested in supply chain improvements, realizing that the supply chain is crucial to success of the business, but have concerns about the potential cost or disruption of implementing an automated P2P process. Solution Consulting Director David Riffel discusses the realities of today's lower costs and the benefits, both expected and unexpected, that can be achieved by moving to automation.

  • OneSCM Decision Network

    Better supply chains are driven by better decisions. Check out OneSCM by TAKE Supply Chain and collaborate smarter, execute faster.

  • TAKE Supply Chain: Supply Chain Management

    Learn how TAKE Supply Chain partners with companies to build better supply chain collaboration.