• How Can You Avoid Supply Chain Automation Overkill?

    Supply chain automation has been a hot topic in the industry over the last few years, leading to greater opportunities and potentially, greater pressure, to automate. But in the rush to automate how much is too much? This webinar discusses:

    • Why now might be the right time to explore automation
    • 7 strategies to help you avoid “automation overkill”

  • Streamline Mid-Market Supply Chain Operations to Maximize Cash Flow and Drive Focused Growth

    Recent challenges and uncertainty in the US economy have forced mid-market companies to focus on cash flow to support growth. This webinar discusses:

    • Cash flow challenges for mid-market companies
    • Ideas to shorten the “order to cash” cycle
    • 4 areas where increasing supply chain efficiency can help cash flow

Case Studies

  • Case Study | Molson Coors

    Since rolling out OneSCM to their mid-tier suppliers, Molson Coors has seen significant improvement in the efficiency of its AP operations. The cost to handle PO/invoice transactions has dropped by approximately $2.50 per transaction, with an additional potential annual cost savings of $300,000.

  • Case Study | Applied Materials

    TAKE developed a tailored supply chain collaboration solution for Applied Materials that delivered accurate, real-time information and enhanced controls from the initial order to just-in-time parts delivery for consumption on the manufacturing shop floor.