The OneSCM Workflow and Messaging Engine is Your Key to Complete Supply Chain Orchestration

Your executives need data to make the right decisions. Your workers need data to take the right actions. Your trading partners need data to deliver the right inventory to the right place at the right time. However, those are just a few of the many reasons why you should not try to manage suppliers via email, the ERP or any “communication” method other than TAKE Supply Chain’s OneSCM®.

The OneSCM workflow engine is the only technology platform that can:

  • Help you manage multiple information systems and disparate supplier technology capabilities via a single UI mapping profile that facilitates complete Supply Chain Orchestration
  • Give you the competitive advantages of global supply chain collaboration regardless of internal systems requirements or varying levels of trading partner technology
  • Directly connect every one of your business systems, and every of your suppliers, in one place

Discover the power of OneSCM.

The OneSCM Workflow Engine is Your Key to Complete Supply Chain Orchestration

Did You Know?

With a sophisticated workflow engine at its core, OneSCM is designed to facilitate end-to-end Supply Chain Orchestration. This SaaS-based platform offers unique system unification and collaboration capabilities, making it the simplest – and fastest – way for manufacturers to generate and share actionable intelligence with suppliers and internal stakeholders in one place, in real time.