Introducing OneSCM eSourcing

Simplify and diversify your supply chain sourcing – without having to reconfigure your existing business processes.

Did you know that OneSCM now enables you to create, monitor and analyze all your sourcing operations in one easy-to-use portal that syncs directly with your ERP and back-office systems? That means you can (finally)…

  • Minimize the steps required to issue solicitations to inside trading partners and potential suppliers outside your network
  • Stimulate more competition, giving you more control over manufacturing costs
  • Identify suppliers that can deliver critical components on time and on budget
  • Expedite pricing negotiations and award to multiple suppliers (if best for your bottom line)

Find out how our one-portal approach to supply chain sourcing works.


Introducing OneSCM eSourcing

This is the ONE way to quickly eliminate wasteful spending and enact immediate revenue improvements.