Get Smart: Utilizing Business Intelligence for Supply Chain Resiliency

by: Virginia Morgan, January 13, 2014

Although it has commonly been used by Tier I companies for historical trend analysis, Business Intelligence (BI) is increasingly transitioning into a powerful tool for real-time decision making on the most critical supply chain functions. Previous business intelligence solutions were too expensive and too complex to [...]

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4 Key Strategies for Wrangling your Indirect Spend

by: Godfrey Huguley, January 06, 2014

Companies can be very good at managing the costs that go directly into their manufactured goods, but may be unaware of or unsure how to tackle the other costs of doing business – their indirect spend. This area can seem like the Wild West with every group working with different vendors and purchasing supplies that [...]

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6 Top Issues Caused by Early Inventory Arrival … and What You Can Do to Prevent It

by: Josh Noble, December 16, 2013

As a professional in your company’s supply chain, from procurement to payment, from receiving to packaging, from the manufacturing floor to the executive suite, you feel the effects of both late and early inventory arrival. Late shipments can result in obvious issues such as manufacturing delays, empty store [...]

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