How Relationship Intensity affects Direct Materials Procure-to-Pay Processes

by: Bill McBeath, June 23, 2014

Guest blogger Bill McBeath, Chief Research Officer, ChainLink Research, continues his series on direct materials P2P with a dive into how "relationship intensity," or how much negotiation and dialog is required at each stage, affects P2P processes in various [...]

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Spotlight on Direct Materials Procure-to-Pay

by: Bill McBeath, June 05, 2014

Guest blogger Bill McBeath, Chief Research Officer, ChainLink Research, discusses how the direct materials procure-to-pay process (P2P) resists standardization and automation. As the critical execution phase of source and procurement, it is where the rubber meets the road for inbound materials. This is the first in [...]

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How Does 3D Printing Fit into Your Mid-Market Supply Chain?

by: Josh Noble, April 21, 2014

3D printing offers an unprecedented opportunity for mid-market companies to increase flexibility, responsiveness and cost savings, when the technology is inserted smartly and strategically into an existing supply [...]

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Smart Growth Requires New Supply Chain Strategies

by: Godfrey Huguley, April 14, 2014

To be successful with smart growth, mid-market companies must adjust their current supply chain, or risk “supply chain pain” from an outgrown supply chain. [...]

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How to Overcome 4 Common Barriers to Supply Chain Collaboration Initiatives

by: Josh Noble, February 05, 2014

While business school case studies continue to showcase the value of collaboration between ‘partner companies’, in practice, collaborative buyer/supplier relationships are far less commonplace. Supply chain collaboration initiatives can range from very basic agreements to use common packaging labels, to very close [...]

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