4 Reasons to Integrate Order-to-Cash & Procure-to-Pay

by: Brad Huff, February 05, 2016

Mid-market companies can no longer afford to manage their supply chains in individual silos that often produce inaccuracies in overall performance and constrain supplier relationships. To combat inefficient operational models, mid-market companies need an end-to-end view of the supply chain by integrating revenue and [...]

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Video Blog: Collaboration for the Value Oriented Supply Chain

by: Brad Huff, July 16, 2015

TAKE Supply Chain EVP & General Manager Brad Huff discusses moving from a tactical to a value oriented supply chain…and what can be the results for companies that don’t make the shift. Transitioning a traditional supply chain to a more value-oriented is a necessary step for a company to take in order [...]

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Want better supplier adoption of your procurement portal? Start by asking your own sales staff.

by: Brad Huff, May 18, 2015

In my conversations with mid-market companies looking to implement supply chain improvements, supplier adoption routinely ranks near the top of concerns. It only makes sense. A good portion of the value provided by automating procurement and payables processes comes from the labor and cost savings generated from fewer [...]

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The Cost of Waiting: Delaying Supply Chain Improvements Costs Both Margin and Market Share

by: Brad Huff, December 03, 2014

As businesses continue to emerge from the recent recession, especially mid-market manufacturing and distribution companies, they are faced with the very real need to upgrade their talent, processes and tools. The challenge most companies face is ‘where and when’. Prior to the recession, the concentration was on [...]

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Cutting Costs or Adding Value: Which is Wiser for Mid-Market Supply Chains?

by: Brad Huff, May 13, 2014

Which is the better strategy for mid-market supply chains: to cut costs in the supply chain or to support growth in market share? The answer, not surprisingly, is to work towards a strategy that incorporates both. [...]

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