When Cupid’s Arrow Hits the Supply Chain

by: Tony Longoria, February 10, 2016

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and Cupid is preparing to fire his arrows all over the world. Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is the second highest annual grossing holiday each year, just behind Christmas. Figures show that Valentine’s Day spending approached $19 billion in 2015 alone. Cupid’s [...]

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3D Printing Takes Mid-Market Manufacturing Local

by: Josh Noble, January 05, 2015

As the price, speed, and availability of industrial 3D printing improves, companies that heavily rely on long-distance transportation of durable goods are about to face a disruptive new reality. Rapid improvements in costs and speed will drive growth, change the landscape of traditional manufacturing, and take [...]

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Getting Supplier Risk in Focus – Part Two

by: Ann Grackin, March 10, 2014

As I discussed in Part One, the last few years have shown business and consumers the often negative consequences of globalization, unrestricted trade, and all out web commerce. Businesses are facing increased risk across multi-tier supply chains, while at the same time struggling to get visibility into and management [...]

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Getting Supplier Risk in Focus – Part One

by: Ann Grackin, March 03, 2014

The last few years have been an awakening for business and consumers on what globalization, unrestricted trade, and all out web commerce really means—both the good and the awful—with often negative consequences for consumers and economies. Outsourcing continues to exacerbate the risk profile with sourcing [...]

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Are Multiple ERPs Pushing Your Expanding Company Farther Apart?

by: Godfrey Huguley, December 02, 2013

In the last few decades, technology has made the world even smaller with communications and data moving instantaneously across the global internet. At the same time, companies, supply and delivery chains, and markets continue to expand globally. Even with today’s technology, some companies struggle to achieve real [...]

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