Are you really “too busy” to think about upgrading your supply chain technology?

by: David Riffel, June 16, 2014

Maybe you put off upgrading your supply chain technology because it seems like you don’t have time for a big implementation project. But the technology available today is so different from just a few years ago, it simply doesn’t make sense NOT to look. [...]

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Searching for Outsourcing Cost Savings? Workflow Automation could be the missing link…

by: David Riffel, March 24, 2014

The top reason many companies choose to outsource is cost savings. However, after the project goes live many companies find they are not achieving their expected cost savings. Two common causes for this disconnect are vague contract terms/metrics, and lack of workflow automation [...]

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Runaway Train or Efficient Railway System? Using Workflow Automation to Increase Supply Chain Agility

by: David Riffel, November 25, 2013

When you think of an automated process, the words agile, flexible, or nimble may not be the first words that typically come to mind. Most people think of automated processes as efficient, accurate, or repetitive, but not agile. You may even picture an automated process as one that cannot be stopped once it has been [...]

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Is The Drive for Spend Control Slowing Down Your Growing Company?

by: Godfrey Huguley, November 04, 2013

When your company is first starting out it makes sense to handle a lot of the business manually – whether it is meeting with new customers personally or managing purchases individually. Especially when the company is your brain child and you have put your heart and soul into it, you want to have oversight into [...]

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Time to Leave Your Manual Processes Behind?

by: David Riffel, September 16, 2013

Today’s complex supply chains have more links in the chain, more risk of disruption, and more opportunities to fail. In addition, as companies grow, evolve, or are impacted by mergers and acquisitions, their system environments tend to become more complex and heterogeneous. Effective management of such a [...]

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