The 5 Promises of Demand Planning: Does Your Current Software Solution Deliver?

by: Joe Harris, September 21, 2017

Some say intuition has no place in business. Yet, you need to be able to sense market trends if you want to proactively move from a reactive operating model into a more opportunistic stance. This is why Demand Planning – or business forecasting – is essential to the survival of supply chain organizations. However, [...]

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Warehouse Automation May Not Automatically Resolve Data Issues…However This Can

by: Gomathy Puliyadi, August 02, 2017

With all the mobile devices, barcode scanners, sensors and other computing technologies online today, warehouse managers should have complete visibility into what is happening within their four walls at all times. But they don’t. Access to operational data is supposed to be easy in today’s “connected” digital [...]

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Will Your Supply Chain Sink or Swim in the Digital Age?

by: Steve Rice, June 15, 2017

Technology research firm Gartner, Inc. recently noted a new trend towards supply chain “protectionism,” presumably due to the extraordinary combination of external forces proving capable of disrupting once-optimized processes and, therefore, destroying once-healthy profit margins. Economic instability, an increase [...]

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Video Blog: Moving from Manual to Automated P2P Processes

by: David Riffel, April 29, 2015

Many mid-market companies are interested in supply chain improvements, realizing that the supply chain is crucial to success of the business, but have concerns about the potential cost or disruption of implementing an automated P2P process. Many of these concerns are centered around having to spend a lot of time and [...]

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Why Most Supply Chains Need an Upgrade and What to Look for in a Solution

by: Vince Spadafora, January 19, 2015

For mid-market companies still using manual supply chains, especially in Procurement/AP operations, now is a fantastic time to consider automating these time-consuming and error-prone practices. Supply Chains Will Experience a Dramatic Shift For example, a recent Deloitte study, “Charting the course: Why procurement [...]

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