Searching for Outsourcing Cost Savings? Workflow Automation could be the missing link…

by: David Riffel, March 24, 2014

The top reason many companies choose to outsource is cost savings. However, after the project goes live many companies find they are not achieving their expected cost savings. Two common causes for this disconnect are vague contract terms/metrics, and lack of workflow automation [...]

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7 Steps to Easy Supplier Onboarding

by: Anil Kodali, March 17, 2014

You can build and deploy the best supplier collaboration tool available, but if your vendors are not onboard it’s as useful as an empty warehouse. The success of your collaboration project is directly tied to supplier willingness to use the system. By taking a few simple steps [...]

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Getting Supplier Risk in Focus – Part Two

by: Ann Grackin, March 10, 2014

As I discussed in Part One, the last few years have shown business and consumers the often negative consequences of globalization, unrestricted trade, and all out web commerce. Businesses are facing increased risk across multi-tier supply chains, while at the same time [...]

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Getting Supplier Risk in Focus – Part One

by: Ann Grackin, March 03, 2014

The last few years have been an awakening for business and consumers on what globalization, unrestricted trade, and all out web commerce really means—both the good and the awful—with often negative consequences for consumers and economies. Outsourcing continues to exacerbate [...]

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The 5 C’s of Outsourcing Concerns and How to Address Them

by: Brad Huff, February 24, 2014

Like many other mid-market and larger companies, our customers are beginning to focus on expanding their footprint. The economy is strengthening in a number of areas and based on recent indicators, confidence is increasing as well. One of the challenges, however, is that while [...]

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