Anil Kodali

Anil Kodali

Vice President | Services

Anil Kodali is Vice President of Services for TAKE Supply Chain and leverages more than 18 years of IT experience in the supply chain and life sciences domains.

In his IT role at Fortune 100 and multi-national companies in industries such as high-tech, insurance and life sciences, Mr. Kodali has managed large teams of developers across regions such as Japan, Australia, India, the EU and the US. His teams developed .Net and Java software and web projects such as a web-based portal for collaboration on clinical trials between doctors and patients, as well as an entirely new financial management system. In moving from internal IT development to external software/solution provider, Mr. Kodali enjoys the exposure to rapidly changing technology and market developments.

In his role overseeing consulting services and post-sale customer satisfaction at TAKE Supply Chain, Mr. Kodali and his team work closely with customers to:

  • support current needs
  • plan for future supply chain solution requirements
  • incorporate customer feedback and suggestions into product road maps
  • develop custom software solutions to meet unique customer requirements

In his prior role as Director of Support & Maintenance, his team was responsible entirely for customer satisfaction.

Mr. Kodali is passionate about the performance of the solutions TAKE Supply Chain delivers: “It’s human nature – no one wants to press a button and wait. Functionality of the product can be fantastic, but if the performance is bad it’s no use to anyone.”

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