Save Money Every Time You Spend.

If you feel like you’re wasting too much time and money processing invoices from your supply chain partners, you probably are. Unless you have the OneSCM AP Automation solution with Intelligent Data Capture.

The OneSCM AP Automation solution with Intelligent Data Capture:

  • Automates nearly every step of the Accounts Payable (AP) process: from invoice data entry, to data validation using multiple matching criteria, and ultimately, faster payment approval, with a complete audit trail along the way.
  • Increases your supply chain efficiency by automating standard AP functions, managing invoices by exception and reducing errors via 3- and 4-way matching.
  • Does more than just accelerate payments processing. It also helps you evaluate supplier performance, verify compliance and identify areas for future cost reductions or sourcing adjustments.

Download the info sheet and see how. 

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Did you know that Accounts Payable (AP) departments typically spend 75% of their time on data entry activities?

Time is money, and the OneSCM AP Automation with Intelligent Data Capture solution saves you a lot of both by eliminating manual processes and related data input mistakes.