Flexible, Accessible, and Mobile supply chain software solutions

For more than a decade, leading companies have turned to TAKE Supply Chain, a division of TAKE Solutions, Inc., to improve supply chain operations. We offer flexible solutions designed specifically for supply chain performance improvement through powerful business to business messaging and workflow technology. The result is increased accuracy, visibility and responsiveness inside the four walls and with trading partners across the globe.

Our software solutions offer a high level of:

  • Configurability
  • Workflow automation
  • Data integration
  • Deployment options (SaaS, hybrid, on-premise)

Innovations, Best Practices and Proven Technology

As a supply chain solutions company, TAKE Supply Chain provides customers with software and consulting services focused on delivering improvements that are truly meaningful to business. We work to understand our customers’ long term vision for their supply chain operations to create a tailored mix of innovations, best practices and proven technology that can be implemented in phases based on specific business needs.

Since our inception, TAKE Supply Chain has provided companies large and small with tools and solutions to help improve their supply chains. Our focus on customer success starts even before you’re a customer. Our implementation teams are prepped and familiar with you and your business before the contract is finalized, including the availability of advance teams onsite to evaluate your existing processes and prepare for implementation.

Disciplined Agility for Lower TCO

Both our software development and services programs leverage agile methodology to give our customers the best possible results with lowest amount of risk. We call it ‘disciplined agility’. It allows us to plan and develop our products quickly and efficiently, but also maintain the agility to react to changes and opportunities for additional improvements to the solution as they arise. The approach delivers faster time to value as well as lower total cost of ownership for customers.

Committed Partnership for Customer Success

Our commitment to the partnership continues after implementation with a single point of contact for any questions and a fast path to resolution for any concerns. This ensures implementation goes smoothly and any unexpected issues have the absolute minimum impact on your business. After the initial implementation, we’ll continue to partner with you to improve your supply chain for months and years to come, as your business grows or your needs change. We measure ourselves by the success of our customers. When our customers succeed, that’s when we’ve done our jobs.

Please contact us to learn how we can help you get to a better supply chain. For more about TAKE Supply Chain, please download our Supply Chain Solution Overview.