GeminiGemini Series: Trusted by some of the largest companies in the world

Gemini Series® mobile data collection software is the single daily source of traceability for leading companies across the globe. Gemini integrates with Oracle® EBS to deliver extended track, trace and control solutions for manufacturing and distribution companies. Diverse sectors including high tech, aerospace & defense, oil & gas, food & beverage, pharma/life sciences and consumer packaged goods have leveraged Gemini for more than two decades.

TAKE Supply Chain Data Collection

Pioneer in data collection For nearly two decades, TAKE Supply Chain’s Gemini mobile data collection software has been a single daily source of traceability for hundreds of millions of dollars in materials and finished goods for leading companies across the globe.

Best of current & leading technology – Gemini 2.0 offers a fast and simple user interface. It runs on a variety of devices including hand-held scanners, laptops, tablets and other smart devices.

Real-time information & optimization – Gemini is engineered to integrate with Oracle® EBS without costly modifications. It is always in sync with your ERP, providing the ability to track, trace and control your inventory in real time for better decision making.

Flexibility & expandability – Our next-generation solution delivers a solid transaction set within leading-edge architecture to provide the enhanced flexibility and expandability our customers need for years to come.