• Order-to-Cash + Procure-to-Pay: The Power of Supply Chain Integration

    This eBook explores:

    1. Typical gap areas between revenue & expense operations
    2. Strategy for what to address and in what order
    3. Leveraging the majority of existing tools & systems
    4. Benefits of integrating revenue & expense data

  • The Supply Chain Evangelist: Leading the Way to Mid-Market Supply Chain Efficiency

    This eBook explores why this new Supply Chain Evangelist role is crucial for high-performing companies and provide a roadmap for creating and empowering that position within virtually any mid-market organization.

  • 4 Steps to Cost-Effective Mid-Market Supply Chain Business Intelligence

    Advances in Big Data have driven a number of new solution providers into the supply chain business intelligence market. This variety is good news for mid-market companies because BI has long been considered an expensive and complicated tool that could only be afforded by larger enterprises. While mid-market companies stand to benefit from all these new providers, the influx of solutions has created a very noisy marketplace. This eBook will help mid-market companies cut through the clutter by providing cost-saving advice for choosing supply chain BI solutions.

  • Putting Your Supply Chain First

    Why it’s important for Mid-Market Companies to improve their supply chain technology ahead of ERP upgrades. In this eBook, we outline how cloud-based supply chain operations solutions give businesses the power to harness the benefits of an improved supply chain while simultaneously upgrading, integrating, and/or replacing aging ERP installs.  

  • A Mid-Market Supply Chain Manager’s Roadmap to Mobile

    Mobility is a hot topic these days. Regardless of industry or profession, there is a mobile application or ecosystem in development to serve it. The supply chain is no different. In fact, given its very manual and distributed nature, it is better suited to mobile application deployment than most business processes. However, mid-market companies should not fall into the mobile-for-mobile’s sake trap. Mobile supply chain management needs to be evaluated very carefully so only the business processes with the potential for high return on investment are enabled. Download this eBook for 10 Questions SC executives can ask IT to prepare for the mobile supply chain.


Case Studies

  • Case Study | Transocean

    Transocean improved the efficiency and profitability of supplier relationships by implementing a solution using OneSCM® to automate, monitor and control the entire  process life-cycle, starting from requisitioning through payment.

  • Case Study | Applied Materials

    TAKE developed a tailored supply chain collaboration solution for Applied Materials that delivered accurate, real-time information and enhanced controls from the initial order to just-in-time parts delivery for consumption on the manufacturing shop floor.

Data Sheets

  • Info sheet | TAKE Forward Program

    TAKE Forward supplements your existing staff with additional resources and expertise for a smooth rollout and a successful ongoing program. We provide experienced support staff to both functional and technical areas within your organization to minimize work disruption. TAKE Forward includes support for Operations (procurement, warehouse/inventory and manufacturing), IT, and Finance.

  • Info Sheet | Mobile Visibility and Control

    OneSCM enables buyers and trading partners alike to leverage smart mobile devices for transactions and communication—creating a more continuous work flow across your supply chain.

  • Info Sheet | Workflow Automation

    Companies focused on growing market share and expanding into new global markets are rapidly realizing the critical role workflow automation plays in the performance and profitability of their supply chain operations. TAKE Supply Chain’s OneSCM® delivers a flexible and scalable solution for workflow automation to support business growth today and tomorrow.

  • Overview | TAKE Supply Chain – A Better Supply Chain

    Solutions for better performing supply chains through end-to-end visibility, increased data accuracy, global agility and more confident decision-making.


White Papers

  • Moving to a Value-Driven Supply Chain

    Supply chain performance matters—this often-overlooked area can make or break a mid-market company's performance. Value-based supply chain principles, practices, and methods have great potential to improve a business performance beyond the supply chain. Taking the necessary steps to enable the supply chain to work toward providing value to the company and its bottom line should be one of a company’s highest priorities. This Whitepaper describes the benefits and process of transition from a cost-based to a value-driven supply chain, why mid-market companies should make the move as quickly as possible, and functional areas that can help increase supply chain value and decrease wasteful spending.

  • Strategies for Mid-Market Business Intelligence through Supply Chain Analytics

    This white paper provides strategies to help mid-market companies select the right BI tool for supply chain analytics to differentiate between critical supply chain data and information “noise,” and then integrate important data across the enterprise to create true business intelligence analytics for a smarter, agile, and resilient supply chain.