• Support Mobile Data Collection and 2D Matrix Codes without Spending a Fortune in Time and Budget

    In the last few years, if you looked closely at advertising mailers, print magazines, product packaging, or even posters  in public spaces, you have probably seen 2D barcodes using the QR (Quick Response) Code format.  This eBook contains a brief history of the barcode system, an overview of 2D Matrix code formats, and guidelines to help you better implement 2D Matrix barcodes for mobile data collection.

  • Hidden Transportation and Logistics Costs of Supplier Non-Compliance

    This eBook provides a list of areas to monitor and the hidden financial impacts of supplier non-compliance on your transportation and logistics costs. It also suggests solutions to increase supplier compliance and your supply chain’s resiliency, thereby decreasing a host of costs associated with disruptions.

  • 10-Minute Guide to Increasing Supply Chain Visibility

    With unpredictable economic shifts, natural disasters, and other potential supply chain disruptions, it is now more important than ever to implement visibility strategies but it's just as important to choose the right strategies. This eBook can help you determine what type of supply chain visibility solution meets the needs for your audience, industry, and organization.

  • 4 Strategies for Reducing Lost and Orphaned Shipments

    Although cost efficiency is the top priority for most companies,customer service and fulfillment excellence are prioritized by smart companies for a competitive edge. This eBook outlines 4 strategies to minimize lost and orphaned shipments by integrating technology and processes to maintain complete visibility and control throughout the product lifecycle.


  • Increase Integration with your CMOs and 3PLs

    Alignment with CMOs and 3PLs is critical. Unfortunately, trust, communication and integration are often lacking. In this on-demand webinar, David Riffel explores: TSC Outsourcing Survey Results, State of manufacturing and logistics outsourcing, Top challenges faced by OEMs and shippers and the benefits of increased integration, and 6 Common pain points and potential solutions Watch the full webinar

Case Studies

  • Case Study | Trimble

    TAKE Supply Chain’s Gemini has enabled greatly improved inventory accuracy rates, reduced staff training time, and increased productivity, inventory movement and manufacturing throughput. Today Gemini processes nearly 2,500 transactions daily in Trimble’s fulfillment warehouses, including purchase order receipts, pick and ship confirmations, label printing, packing and subinventory transfers.

  • Case Study | Midmark

    Midmark, a leading provider of medical, dental and veterinary equipment, was experiencing a significant issue with its deliveries to customers - many arrived with either incorrect items or incorrect quantities - affecting both customer satisfaction and costs. They chose TAKE Supply Chain's Gemini and Compliance Label Manager solutions to improve quality and accuracy. Out of box failures were reduced 75% and the total savings to date exceeds $90k.