6 Ways to “Refresh” Your Supply Chain Operations: Part II

by: Steve Rice, April 28, 2016

Once your company completes initial benchmarking initiatives and identifies key pain points in your supply chain manual processes, it’s time to move ahead and alleviate them. In most cases, however, that is no easy task, especially if you are an emerging company. Trying to fix issues in your supply chain that [...]

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You Shouldn’t “Cross” Supply Chain Data Streams, but you Should Standardize Them

by: Anil Kodali, June 24, 2015

As companies have moved to make more and more supply chain and purchasing activity digital, the data formats utilized to share that digital information have multiplied in kind. The advent of multiple format options brings flexibility and the power of choice, but can also lead to additional cost, even in today’s [...]

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9 Requirements for a Successful Supply Chain Collaboration Implementation

by: Anil Kodali, November 03, 2014

Supply chain collaboration implementation can be greatly aided with some simple pre-planning and preparation. In my experience, companies who neglect one or more of these areas will often run into (avoidable) challenges as a result. Ensuring these requirements are in place will help get you up and running faster and [...]

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7 Steps to Easy Supplier Onboarding

by: Anil Kodali, March 17, 2014

You can build and deploy the best supplier collaboration tool available, but if your vendors are not onboard it’s as useful as an empty warehouse. The success of your collaboration project is directly tied to supplier willingness to use the system. By taking a few simple steps to make the process easy and pain-free, [...]

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7 Key Features of Effective Supply Chain Dashboards

by: Anil Kodali, December 09, 2013

We can all get overwhelmed by the influx information, especially now, in the era of “big data.” As most of us know, the key to making data useful in a business setting is not looking at every single bit and byte, but instead, determining “KPIs” – those key performance indicators which are truly meaningful to [...]

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