The 5 C’s of Outsourcing Concerns and How to Address Them

by: Brad Huff, February 24, 2014

Like many other mid-market and larger companies, our customers are beginning to focus on expanding their footprint. The economy is strengthening in a number of areas and based on recent indicators, confidence is increasing as well. One of the challenges, however, is that while [...]

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How to Overcome 4 Common Barriers to Supply Chain Collaboration Initiatives

by: Josh Noble, February 05, 2014

While business school case studies continue to showcase the value of collaboration between ‘partner companies’, in practice, collaborative buyer/supplier relationships are far less commonplace. Supply chain collaboration initiatives can range from very basic agreements to [...]

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Taking Your Supply Chain Mobile – part 2

by: Donna Fritz, January 20, 2014

In my last blog post on leveraging mobile devices in the supply chain, we focused on the complexity, type and urgency of tasks. While the instinct may be to attempt to migrate all desktop activities to mobile devices, there is actually a risk of reducing productivity with this [...]

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Get Smart: Utilizing Business Intelligence for Supply Chain Resiliency

by: Virginia Morgan, January 13, 2014

Although it has commonly been used by Tier I companies for historical trend analysis, Business Intelligence (BI) is increasingly transitioning into a powerful tool for real-time decision making on the most critical supply chain functions. Previous business intelligence solutions [...]

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4 Key Strategies for Wrangling your Indirect Spend

by: Godfrey Huguley, January 06, 2014

Companies can be very good at managing the costs that go directly into their manufactured goods, but may be unaware of or unsure how to tackle the other costs of doing business – their indirect spend. This area can seem like the Wild West with every group working with [...]

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