You Shouldn’t “Cross” Supply Chain Data Streams, but you Should Standardize Them

by: Anil Kodali, June 24, 2015

As companies have moved to make more and more supply chain and purchasing activity digital, the data formats utilized to share that digital information have multiplied in kind. The advent of multiple format options brings flexibility and the power of choice, but can also lead to [...]

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Want better supplier adoption of your procurement portal? Start by asking your own sales staff.

by: Brad Huff, May 18, 2015

In my conversations with mid-market companies looking to implement supply chain improvements, supplier adoption routinely ranks near the top of concerns. It only makes sense. A good portion of the value provided by automating procurement and payables processes comes from the [...]

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A Supply Chain Evangelist can help your mid-size company get on board with strategic supply chain improvements

by: David Riffel, May 11, 2015

I recently participated in a Supply & Demand Chain Executive panel webinar on the procurement challenges of small and mid-size companies. As you can imagine, the challenges are many, ranging from poor visibility, productivity, and predictability, to low inventory turns, [...]

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Video Blog: Moving from Manual to Automated P2P Processes

by: David Riffel, April 29, 2015

Many mid-market companies are interested in supply chain improvements, realizing that the supply chain is crucial to success of the business, but have concerns about the potential cost or disruption of implementing an automated P2P process. Many of these concerns are centered [...]

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How Mid-Market companies can get the most from Supply Chain BI without a hefty price tag (pt 2)

by: Donna Fritz, April 27, 2015

My goal with this series is to help with the careful planning and discipline necessary to ensure that BI efforts do not end up as another failed technology tool that never delivers on its promise. In part one, I provided two key steps to help mid-market companies evaluate their [...]

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